Saint John's Episcopal School


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Middle School 

We hope that the child’s educational experience is positive, gratifying, and ultimately establishes a sound educational foundation. The teachers work and plan in teams to develop organized, appropriate, and meaningful lessons. We believe to be a team and we work hard to build a community. We also believe that communication between school and home is important and advantageous to a child’s success in school.

 Our teachers communicate grade level activities, curriculum goals and grades through Edline, and the weekly letter. Administration sends a monthly letter to parents also. The parents of our school are always welcome and encouraged to volunteer in his/her child’s classroom. We are planning for a year of excellence.

 With our exemplary staff, eager and ready to lean students, and supportive parents, we know that we will achieve success.Again, I look forward to this school year. You will find that my basic philosophy as an administrator is that “Each Child is Someone’s Most Tresured Possession.” Thank you for this opportunity to share your child’s growth and development.

Elementary School 

Middle School is an exciting and challenging time for children both educationally and socially.

At S.J.E. S. we believe in the dignity and worth of each and every student and recognize the importance of their responsibilities to their fellow citizens in the community. We believe that our students should have opportunities for an education consistent with their individual capabilities and with their personal and social needs.

We believe in setting high expectations for students and staff alike. Although academic achievement will be a primary focus, our hope for the students at S.J. E. S . is to also embrace high standards of civility, character, tolerance and trust. The students here at S.J.E.S . will be presented with diverse and meaningful experiences that acknowledge each individual’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional differences. Taking full advantage of these opportunities will certainly make the middle school years productive and enjoyable.

As our students grow and mature it is important to realize that they all can learn and achieve in the classroom and, at the same time, explore their own special interests in other areas.  S. J.E.S is committed to making these years the best they can possibly be.

High School 

Our ECC strongly believes that positive experiences during the early years of schooling have a profound effect on feelings of self worth and future attitudes towards learning. We provide a safe, nurturing and intellectually engaging environment that promotes learning. The ECC serves four levels:  Nursery, Pre-Kinder, and Kindergarten in which play is an essential component of our curriculum: through play children acquire skills that enable them to explore their environment, solve problems, work cooperatively with others, and achieve academic success.


The Early Childhood Center  at Saint John's Episcopal School  offers bilingual education in a playful environment. Our program offers services for children ages 2 ½ to 6 ½ years of age in Nursery (3 ½ year olds), pre-kindergarten (4 ½ year olds) and Kindergarten (5 ½ year olds) programs.


Play is an essential component of our curriculum. Through play, children acquire skills that enable them to explore their environment, solve real problems, work cooperatively with others, and achieve academic success.


Our teachers are enthusiastic and positive about what children are capable of learning. They are learners too, strengthening their teaching and being innovative in their practices.


Our parents are actively involved in their child’s education. They can actively participate in the classroom, presentations, committees, and extra curricular activities.

At the ECC-Saint John's Episcopal School we prepare children to be academically, socially, and morally successful in the successive stage in the educational ladder, elementary school, at SJES or elsewhere